Monthly Archives: August 2013

UNbelievable! Celebrating over 1,000 homes sold!

It is extremely gratifying and humbling to have reached a significant milestone in my career having sold over 1,000 homes now.  In starting my 30th year in the residential real estate business, I have had the honor from helping people in the purchase of their first homes to then long time owners ready to transition into another phase of their lives.

There is truly nothing more satisfying than handing over a set of keys to a first time buyer and seeing the excitement in their faces as they realize they own a home.  There are the move up clients who are balancing both the sale of their home while being out looking for their dream home.  That may be the most difficult type of transaction as in a good market, you can sell your home easily for a great price, but finding the right home and dealing with competition can make the purchase side a stressful circumstance.  In a down-market, you can find your dream home for a great price, but its harder to sell the home you are living in.  Nevertheless, things always seem to work out!

Then there are the long time owners who are downsizing and transitioning into a retirement and the nest egg of their home has now provided them with the ability to enjoy their retirement too!

I have also assisted investors who have built a porfolio of income property.  Real Estate has almost always been a significantly rewarding investment when held for the long term.

What is amazing now is that the next generation of son’s and daughters of these clients are now ready to find their first home.  I am looking forward to the next 1,000 home sales!