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How to UN-stress your move…Part 2

When you are moving, there are certain items that are very important to have at hand.   These include prescriptions, reading glasses, toiletries, chargers for your phone and computers and keys to your vehicles and new home.  Also, this could include remotes and cables for your TV’s.  You’ll be ready to get all hooked up at your new home right away.  This should all be packed in a “Go Box” and placed in your own car for the move to the next home.

If you flying to your new home, another suggestion is to just imagine that you are going on a trip and staying at a hotel for a week.  Simply pack a suit case as if you are going on this one week trip.  In this case, you are simply taking a trip to your new home.   You’ll be so happy you put this list of items in a safe, convenient and findable place!  Here are some additional tips from a professional moving service-

How to UN-stress your move…Part 1

Moving can be a very stressful situation. All of your things are boxed up and when you get to the new home you may have to find something and you don’t know what box it went in. What are the best ways to UN-stress your move?

First, use a professional moving service. That way your things are packed and labeled for your move to the new home.  When you arrive, your things are put into the appropriate rooms.  Also, let the moving company pack your things.  This will also ensure that your items arrive UN-damaged.  More in part 2…

How the market has remained “UN-changed” over 30 years (Part 3)

Among the things that have remained the same over my 30 years in residential real estate is that buyers and sellers can argue over the smallest things in a transaction. This may involve an heirloom chandelier or even something like a toilet seat.   We have had to trade a toilet seat for a mobile kitchen counter top!  Just imagine the standoff in front of the home for that! (Seriously, we did!)

Many times a seller will take all the window coverings with them even though they might not fit in their new home.  Sometimes the nice refrigerator in the kitchen is taken and replaced with the beat up one in the garage.  Maybe a favorite shower head taken is replaced with a cheap one.

Then, when a seller moves out, there’s the cleaning of the home.  Lots of things become noticeable when all the furniture is removed.  A seller is obligated to provide the home in a generally clean condition, but that can be interpreted differently between buyers and sellers.  Usually there’s a quick turnaround so I prepare to have a 2nd cleaning crew come through along with the carpet cleaners just in case.

These situations need to be resolved nevertheless to the satisfaction of all and provide the smoothest transition possible.

How the market has remained “UN-changed” over 30 years! (Part 2)

As I begin my 30th year in residential real estate, I have observed that some things remain UN-changed in the residential marketplace.  Let me use a ‘royal’ analogy…

Sellers truly believe that their home is the best castle in the province and that it should sell for a king’s ransom compared to their rivals in the nearby fief-dom.  Even if the castle has been through a few battles and has some damage, the seller’s only see a gleaming white castle like the one in Lord of the Rings.(not the burger joint)

Buyers see the same castle and all they notice is a dry moat and a dragon and the castle walls are falling in the moat.  Of course, under the draw bridge is a troll and the serf’s nearby will all protest any improvements the new lord of the manor would like to complete.  Besides that, the King will want to tax the castle at the higher price too!

Nevertheless, most times the two sides come to an equitable agreement and title is transferred. Despite the ‘royal’ analogy, it is true that a ‘persons’ home is their castle!


How the market has remained “UN-changed” over 30 years! (Part 1)

I have observed as I enter my 30th year in residential real estate, there are some things that remain UNchanged in the market. Selling and/or buying a home is an emotional experience. 

If you are selling a home, this may be your first purchase, or this is where you have raised a family or your retirement nest egg. Nevertheless, there are a lot of memories tied to the home that you’ve lived in for all the years.

If you are buying a home, then it’s an experience of trying to find the right home at the price. Maybe you have competed and missed out on your dream home. Then once you have found the right home and are the successful bidder and have stretched over your max you are concerned about making the payments and did you pay too much!

No matter what happens you are guaranteed to be on an emotional roller coaster. To be continued in Part 2……