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UNreal Transformations net UNreal Results! Part 1

What is the value of preparing a home for sale?  How much do you spend for the best return on your home preparation investment?  The advice I give is that usually spending between 1% to 2% of the proposed value of the home is about the right amount to spend.
This depends on a couple of factors.  If it is just cosmetics such as paint and carpet, hardwood floor refinishing, replacing some outdated lighting and plumbing fixtures and refreshing the landscaping, it should be closer to 1%.  If it involves deferred maintenance such as an older roof, pest control work or major systems issues like heating and plumbing, it would be closer to the 2% number.
My advice, in most cases is that if you spend more than that, you are speculating that the market is going to reward your efforts.  Its not advisable to gut and remodel a home for a buyer who might not appreciate what you just spent and tear out your improvements.  More in Part 2…

Even a 103 year old farm house sells with Multiple Offers!

The market continues to stay UNbelievably hot and no end in sight! Even a 103 year old farm house I listed sold for over asking price with multiple offers! The neighborhood lore goes that the home was moved onto the site from the old Flood Estate in Atherton to make way for the Hetch Hetchy waterway. It was a beautiful home albeit nothing had been done in decades to the home in terms of improvement and the home. Even the heating system was just a wood stove in the middle of the living room. The home had been sitting on a post and piers without a concrete perimeter foundation all these years, yet it came through the Loma Prieta earthquake unscathed!

The funny story is that the sellers hired me because they saw my “no hair” ad which has been running in the paper and thought I had a good sense of humor. The sellers felt that their 103 year farm house with a wood stove for heat, needed someone with a sense of humor. It turns out that this was one of the most pleasant and memorable sales I have ever had. The sellers were the “salt” of the earth kind of people and I am glad for such a positive result.

How to UN-stress your move..part 3

An UN-expected Home Moving Productivity Tool- Pleasant Smells

Home Moving can be stressful for the entire family. It doesn’t matter what your situation. Single or have children. Have a three thousand square foot home or one-bedroom apartment. Moving across town or over to the next county. Sometimes all the excitement and build up you feel prior to a move can vanish into anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm.
Besides getting organized and planning your home moving project, what else can you do to support yourself? Why not include some pleasant smells in your environment? Bake some cookies in the oven or boil some cinnamon on the stove. It can make the moving process (move prep, packing and unpacking) all little more enjoyable? You might even find yourself– and those who are helping you — with more energy, increased productivity, and an improved mood!