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UNreal Transformations Net UNreal Results! Part 3

The last few ingredients in the transformation is a professional cleaning of the entire home and a power washing of the exterior.. This includes inside cabinets, all appliances, kitchen, bathrooms, garage and especially the windows and skylights.  It is amazing how much more light comes into the home and how the views to the yard are dramatically improved.  I advise that the window coverings throughout the house should be removed or only have some sheer window panels on either side of each window so that the most light can enter the home.  The power washing of the driveway, sidewalks, patios, decks and exterior of the home will give the outside a fresh and clean appearance and be inviting to home buyers also.

Finally, a professional staging of the home is required.  If the home is vacant, the entire home should be staged in every room.  If the seller still lives in the home, the stager can advise what furniture to keep and what to store in the garage or off-site.  Then the stager can accent the home with artwork and decorative items.  This UNreal transformation will make a dramatic difference in what the home will sell for on the open market and get the seller some UNreal Results!

UNreal Transformations net UNreal Results! Part 2..

Transforming a home for the market is an intense experience but a rewarding one. The first step is to clear the home of almost all of the belongings. You can store most of the items in the garage but storage off site is better. The second is to touch up the cosmetics with paint, carpet and hardwood floor refinishing. Updating with better lighting and plumbing fixtures is also advised. Installing a new counter in the kitchen and new stainless steel appliances gives the kitchen a remodeled feel. Third is to refresh the landscaping with grass and colorful plants.

These improvements will help the buyer feel comfortable that they can move in to the home immediately. More in Part 3…