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UN-staging your staging?

The final item to complete when preparing your home for the market is the staging of the home.  Once the staging is completed, though, the sellers may look at their staged home and say “this isn’t how we would live in the house” and immediately start moving furniture around to where they would like it.  Sometimes a half a day can be spent deciding where two chairs and a couch will be relocated.  Sellers feel they know their house the best and what they think a buyer would like, but in reality, it’s how they would like to live in their home.

I advise my clients that the purpose of staging a home is to maximize the effect for buyers and to trust that a professional stager knows what will entice a buyer to bring a great price for the home.  Once your home is staged, please don’t UN-stage it.

Happy New Year 2014! The UN-year in Residential Real Estate!

So what gives here?  This coming year of 2014 may just be the UN-est year of all.  Let me explain.

As we begin this year, we have an UN-usually low inventory of homes for sale, maybe the lowest on record.  There is still an UN-believably low interest rate for mortgages.  The prices for homes have reached over their UN-imaginable peak prices from 2008, setting all time high median and average prices.  Yet, potential Home Sellers remain UN-moved by these facts and are continuing to stay in their homes,  Then, UN-forgivably, the tax implications of selling a highly appreciated asset like a home which has been lived in for a few decades, has increased significantly as well.  Further, the UN-employment level in this area has rapidly fallen and the cars and G-buses are jamming up the highways again.

What do you get when you combine all of these UN’s and an all time record high on the Dow Jones index?  You get an UN-precedented residential real estate market as 2014 begins.  Start your UN-gines!