UN-friendly Reminder-Property Taxes are Due April 10th!

If you own a property in California, this is just an UN-friendly but hopefully welcome reminder that this Thursday, April 10th is date that property taxes are due before they become delinquent and subject to a 10% penalty.   As long as your Property Tax payment envelopes are postmarked on or by April 10th you’ll be okay.  You can also go directly to the assessor’s website to pay your bill online.  There will be a slight fee to do this but it may be more convenient.

Santa Clara County is http://payments.scctax.org/
San Mateo County is http://www.sanmateocountytaxcollector.org/

These links were obtained from a Google Search so please make certain for yourselves that these are valid sites.  As far as I can tell they are.  Hope this is helpful for you.
If you don’t own a property, did you know that property taxes are deductible?  Let me know if you have any questions.


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